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2010 Jazz Festival Tel Aviv

Show Table

The Don Friedman Trio - Straight Ahead Details 1 20:30 159
Erez Bar-Noy - At Last and More Details 2 20:30 79
Gutbucket - A Modest Proposal Details 1 23:00 119
The Shani Moore Quintet - A Night To Remember Details 2 23:00 79
The Pa'amon (bells) Project Details 1 20:30 139
Omri Mor Trio - Andaloujazz Project Details 2 20:30 79
Gary Smulyan Meets The Don Friedman Trio Details 1 23:00 159
Yoni Kretzmer - New Dilemma Details 2 23:00 79
Veronika Rodriguez Quintet - Paris Is You Details 1 13:00 129
The Lee Konitz And Yuval Cohan Quintet Details 1 21:00 159
Uri Bracha And Tony Pancella
Different Like Two Drops Of Water
Details 1 21:00 89
Kahil ElZabar - The Ritual Trio Details 1 23:30 159
Roy Oliel - Introducing The Sextet Details 2 23:30 79

Don Friedman

Festive Opening Performance
Special Festival Production

The Don Friedman Trio – Straight Ahead (USA)

Wednesday, 3.2.2010
Hall 1

On the 12th of June, 1961, three young jazz musicians entered a New York recording studio. Don Friedman, on the piano, Chuck Israels, on bass and Joe Hunt, on drums, recorded "A Day in the City". This was Friedman's debut album, still considered a "cult" item amongst fans of jazz piano trios.
Each of the three went on to develop an illustrious career as a jazz musician in his own right. They didn't play again together for 47 years, until their historic reunion in 2007, when they met to record a second album and to give a one-time performance in New York.
In the festive opening performance of the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, the three will collaborate once again, for the first time outside the USA, with materials from the two albums they have recorded.
Don Friedman, one of the most experienced and acclaimed pianists on the world jazz scene, has collaborated with numerous jazz giants, including Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Buddy De Franco, Charles McPherson, Booker Little and Scott LaFaro.
Chuck Israels has worked with Billy Holiday, John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins, Herbie Hancock, George Russell, Stan Getz and many others. He was a regular member of the Bill Evans Trio for many years.
Joe Hunt, a professor of music and a distinguished educator, played in combos with Bill Evans, Gary Burton, Jim Hall and George Russell. He taught at the Berkeley School of Music from the 70's until his retirement in 2003.

Don Friedman – piano
Chuck Israels – contrabass
Joe Hunt – drums

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Site: www.donfriedman.net

Erez Bar-Noy

Special Festival Production

Erez Bar-Noy Sextet – At Last and More

Wednesday, 3.2.2010
Hall 2

Erez Bar-Noy, one of the leading Israeli jazz saxophonists and composers has recently launched his debut album "At Last".
Bar-Noy is one of the most active jazz musicians on the local jazz scene. He has collaborated with the best musicians in Israel, as well as international artists such as Abraham Burton, Randy Barker, Odeon Pope and others. Though Bar-Noy's music follows the American jazz tradition, it's also very easy to note its Israeli roots.
In this special Festival production, Bar-Noy will lead a combo of six musicians, including three wind instrumentalists, in special arrangements for original pieces from his disc and American standards.
This is original, Israeli, hard-bop at its very best!

Erez Bar-Noy – tenor saxophone
Hagay Amir – alto saxophone
Jonathan Voltzok – trombone
Omri Mor – piano
Assaf Hakimi – contrabass
Shai Zelman - drums

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Israeli Premiere

Gutbucket – A Modest Proposal

Wednesday, 3.2.2010
Hall 1

The New York "Downtown" combo "Gutbucket" has been making music together for the last decade. They play exciting, energetic music that breaks down boundaries between different musical genres such as jazz, prog-rock and metal. Band members Ken Thomson, saxophone, Ty Citerman, guitar, Eric Rockwin, bass and the drummer Adam Gold, play music that is scintillating, wild and full of humor, keeping audiences "on the edge"; in continual anticipation of the next surprising move.
During the time it has played together, the band has produced four discs and a DVD of live performances. All won public favor and garnered critical acclaim.
The performance promises to be a first-class musical encounter, chock-full of surprise and adventure.
"all the band members are superb musicians… it's music-making that explores the edges, nibbling at them to re-create the elements and discover something new, which they do admirably"
(All Music Guide).
Ken Thomson, saxophone
Ty Citerman, guitar
Adam D Gold, drums
Eric Rockwin, bass

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Site: www.gutweb.com

Shani Moore

Special Festival Production

The Shani Moore Quintet – A Night to Remember

Wednesday, 3.2.2010
Hall 2

Jazz vocalist Shani Moore combines a fresh approach, unusual phrasing and a rare musicality. Her musical influences range from classical jazz singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, through Sara Vaughan and Bjork.
After studying music at the "Rimon" school and appearing in Jazz Festivals and radio programs in Israel, Moore moved to London, where she has lately been appearing with the successful jazz combo JazZsTePpA, which combines live music with dubstep. With this combo, Moore has appeared in the Glastonbury Jazz Festival, the largest festival in the British Isles.
In her performance Moore will present a special segment from this appearance. She will also combine some of her favorite jazz classics with original materials, written and composed with combo members, emphasizing the "blacker", more daring side of her singing.

Shani Moore – vocals
Kobi Salomon – tenor saxophone
Shay Maoz – piano, arrangements and music production
Hagai Bilitzky – contrabass
Roy Oliel – drums

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Don Friedman

Ofer Peled – Makondo Quintet

Wednesday, 3.2.2010
Entry Free

By virtue of the enchanting mΓ©lange of Arabic music, Balkan music and jazz, the Makondo Quintet has managed to create a personal style of their own, which combines rich and varied musical languages. The Quintet performs original compositions, using both Western instruments and authentic ethnic instruments, such as the lute (oud), the Balkan flute, the Indian flute and various percussion instruments. They try to reset boundaries and redefine the connection between jazz and folk music from various parts of the world.

Ofer Peled – Saxophone and flute.
Yaron Ouzana – Trombone.
Yaniv Taichman – Lute (oud), guitars.
Gilad Ephrat – Bass.
Uri Naveh – Percussion.

Adi Rennert

Special Festival Production

Adi Rennert hosts Barry Sacharoff, Rona Kenan, MikaKarni, Liora Yitzhak and other musicians…. Pa'amon" (Bell)

Thursday, 4.2.2010
Hall 1

The pianist and composer Adi Rennert combines a successful career as performer and musical arranger, with his great love for jazz and musical improvisation.
Rennert has several albums and performances to his credit, performing alongside Israeli musical names such as Arik Einstein, Yehudith Ravitz, Barry Sacharoff, Gidi Gov, Rita, Rami Kleinstein, Rona Kenan and many others.
The "Pa'amon" project was first presented in the 2000 Tel Aviv Jazz Festival and is soon to be launched on disc.
Rennert's musical language creates a broad musical mosaic that unifies Mediterranean, Israeli and Modern music through the prism of jazz – i.e. it leaves lots of room for improvisation.
On a textual level, Rennert looked for texts that question the significance of life. With the help of poet Roni Someck, he collected ancient texts from Japan and Iran; works of modern poets such as Natan Zach, Ilan Ginzburg, Leah Goldberg, Raymond Carver, Yonah Wollach and Tirtza Atar, as well as a text by Shlomo Artzi and Rennert himself, who composes and arranged all of them for the special ensemble he put together for the festival.

The project hosts several of the leading artists with whom Rennert has worked for the past several years.

Guests: Barry Sacharoff, Rona Kenan, Mika Karni and Liora Yitzhak
Adi Rennert – Piano, keyboard, flugelhorn and vocals.

Amir Shashar - Ney, clarinet.
Nitzan Ein Habar – Wind instruments and accordion.
Asaf Roth – Vibraphone, percussion, accordion and trumpet.
Ilan Ben Ami – Lute, acoustic guitar.
Jean Paul Zimbris – Drums and percussion.

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Gary Smulyan

Don Friedman

Gary Smulyan meets the Don Friedman Trio (USA)

Thursday, 4.2.2010
Hall 1

Since the eighties, Gary Smulyan (b. NY, 1956) has been considered one of the most outstanding baritone saxophone players on the world jazz scene. For the past two decades he has been acclaimed as the "baritone sax player of the year", in all the important music journals worldwide. For example, in 2009, Smulyan won this title in a poll among jazz critics and journalists, in the prestigious magazine "Downbeat".
At an early age Smulyan had the honor of playing alongside jazz legends such as Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Ray Nance, and Jimmy Knepper. He quickly became a regular member of important jazz bands such as the Mel Lewis Orchestra (conducted by Bob Brookmeyer), the New York "Mingus Big Band", and the New York Vanguard Orchestra. He later went on to record and to perform alongside jazz greats such as Dizzy Gillespie, Freddy Hubbard, Joe Lovano, Ray Charles and B.B.King.
In his debut in Israel, Smulyan will join the rhythm section headed by veteran pianist Don Friedman (details in the performance Straight Ahead), with whom he has collaborated frequently in recent years. The group will present a selection of originals and standards that Smulyan and Friedman have performed together during their illustrious careers.

Gary Smulyan – baritone saxophone
Don Friedman – piano
Chuck Israels – contrabass
Joe Hunt – drums

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Site: www.garysmulyan.com

Yoni Kretzmer

Special Festival Production

Yoni Kretzmer: New Dilemma

Thursday, 4.2.2010
Hall 2

The young composer, arranger and saxophone player Yoni Kretzmer is a new and daring voice in the field of music. His creations walk a fine line between jazz and contemporary classical music, fusing the styles into an independent genre of their own. They present a fascinating mix of written composition and improvisation.
Kretzmer's debut album was launched in April and merited enormous praise and acclaim.
"Kretzmer's works show maturity, depth and the experience of a seasoned jazz player. He is a talented composer, who writes wonderful melodies and plays with great precision. The excellent combo he has gathered together for this project makes for an inspired encounter" (Ben Shalev – Ha'aretz).

Yoni Kretzmer – tenor saxophone
Daniel Tanchelson – viola
Neta Chohen Shani – cello
Eran Borovitch – contrabass
Daniel Feingold – drums

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Benzi Gadash

Benzi Gadash Quintet: In a "Sunny Stitt" of Mind

Thursday, 4.2.2010
Entry Free

Benzi Gadash and his quintet perform standards from the 40's and 50's of the 20th century. They remain faithful to the originals and create a soothing and easy going jazz ambience.
Recently the quintet has recorded a new disc, dedicated to the legendary saxophonist Sunny Stitt. They will play several selections from the disc at the performance.

Benzi Gadash – Saxophone
Gil Sorin - Piano
Ofer Landsberg - Guitar
Dan Weisselberg - Bass
Zohar Ralt - Drums

Veronika Rodriguez

Israeli Premiere – Special Festival Production

Veronika Rodriguez Quintet (France – Israel): Paris is You

Friday, 5.2.2010
Hall 1

Veronika Rodriguez, one of the leading jazz vocalists in France, combines her great love of classical jazz and jazz covers for French classics. Rodriguez discovered jazz in her youth, when she listened to Ella Fitzgerald, who ultimately became her greatest musical influence. She developed a love for the sound of "cool" jazz, hailing from the West Coast of the USA, and for the jazz vocalists who appeared there, such as June Christy and Chris Connor.
Rodriguez, along with composer, musicians, saxophone player and arranger Jean Philippe Vidal, leads the Cote Ouest orchestra and has appeared successfully at the opening performance by vocalist and pianist Harry Connick, Jr., alongside the Brazilian guitarist Baden Powell.
In her debut performance in Israel, Rodriguez will perform a number of American classics, as well as selected pieces from her French repertoire, specially arranged by Vidal. She will be accompanied by several leading Israeli musicians.

Veronika Rodriguez – vocals
Jean Philippe Vidal – tenor saxophone and arrangements
Alec Katz – piano
Tal Ronen – contrabass

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Site: www.veronikarodriguez.com

Lee Konitz

Yuval Cohen

Special Festival Production

The Lee Konitz and Yuval Cohen Quintet (USA and Israel)

Friday, 5.2.2010
Hall 1

The Tel Aviv Jazz Festival is proud to present a special project featuring the alto saxophone player Lee Konitz, last of the jazz greats of our time. Konitz, born in 1927, was one of the central figures in the development and history of jazz, from the forties of the twentieth century, through present times. He is one of the leaders and definers of the "cool jazz" style, and has collaborated with countless outstanding jazz musicians throughout the world.
Among other projects, he collaborated with Miles Davis on the historical "Birth of the Cool" album; during the fifties, he participated in important combos led by the pianist Lennie Tristano, and the tenor saxophonist Warne Marsh.
In honor of his visit to Tel Aviv, Al Konitz will collaborate with the Israeli soprano saxophonist Yuval Cohen, who put together a special, one-time combo for the Festival, with the successful, international pianist Omer Klein, the contrabass player Gilad Abro and the drummer Ziv Ravitz, who collaborates frequently with Konitz in the "Minsra" combo.
The combo will present what can be called "music of the moment" based on standards that are open to interpretation and improvisation by each member of the combo, led by a true jazz master.

Lee Konitz – alto saxophone
Yuval Cohen – soprano saxophone
Omer Klein – piano
Gilad Abro – contrabass
Ziv Ravitz – drums

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Uri Bracha and
Tony Pancella

World Premiere at the Festival

Uri Bracha and Tony Pancella (Israel and Italy):
Different like Two Drops of Water

Friday, 5.2.2010
Hall 2

The guitarist Uri Bracha and the pianist Tony Pancella met last year to record a duet. The album they went on to record was launched shortly afterwards on the Italian market, under the title "Different like Two Drops of Water'.
In a special production for the Festival, they will present selected pieces from the album, which includes their own originals, interpretations of standard pieces, compositions by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Sasha Argov, as well as pieces specially arranged for the Festival.
This promises to be a high-quality, satisfying performance by two talented musicians.
Tony Pancella, on their collaboration in the studio: "When I started recording with Uri, I got to know a talented musician who is very musical, very attentive; always ready to react to what's going on, in short, someone who's very easy to work with. In other words – we got together, and the magic began….."

Uri Bracha – acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Tony Pancella – piano

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Kahil ElZabar

Kahil ElZabar (USA): The Ritual Trio

Friday, 5.2.2010
Hall 1

The brilliant unique percussion artist Kahil ElZabar returns to the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival with a new group, after his 2008 performance was hailed by Israeli jazz lovers as one of the most successful, colorful, fascinating and memorable performances. "The audience refused to let them leave the stage. They brought them back for encore after encore, and finally cheered and danced as the three musicians came off the stage and filed past they audience, while still playing their instruments" (Ben Shalev, Ha'aretz) .
Throughout his career, ElZabar has collaborated with jazz giants such as David Murray, Pharaoh Sanders, Dizzy Gillespie and many others. He was a member of combos that appeared with stars such as Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon.
The other members of the combo are: the wonderful musician Hamiet Bluiett, one of the outstanding baritone saxophone players of the past few decades, who will perform on saxophone and on other instruments; and Junius Paul, who will play bass.

Performances by ElZabar and his combo are always multi-sensory, hypnotizing and colorful. They are based on sweeping African tempos that provide the basis for jazz improvisations. The wind instrument players in the combo also play drums and all the musicians are dressed in traditional African outfits. Khalil ElZabar – drums, African drums, flute, vocals, composition
Hamiet Bluiett – baritone saxophone, clarinet, flute, piano
Junius Paul – contrabass

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Site: www.kahilelzabar.net

Roy Oliel

Roy Oliel: Introducing the Sextet

Friday, 5.2.2010
Hall 2

The musician Roy Oliel is one of the most outstanding young voices in the world of jazz. At the age of 5, Oliel began studying piano, until he discovered the drums, which became his first love and his field of expertise.
After army service, Oliel began studying music at the "Rimon" school, where he also studied composition, arrangement and harmony, finishing his studies with excellent grades.
Over the past few years, Oliel has played in many jazz combos, and in Tel Aviv's jazz orchestra. About a year ago, he established the first jazz sextet of his own, and produced a debut disc called "Introducing the Roy Oliel Sextet", which has recently been released on the market.
In their performance, the sextet, which includes some of the most promising talents in Israeli jazz, will present original compositions and melodies by Oliel, along with exciting, original arrangements of well known jazz standards. The sextet's repertoire indicates that Oliel's musical world is influenced by a wide range of styles and jazz periods; and by artists such as Chick Corea, John Coltrane, Pat Metheny and Michael Brecker.

Roy Oliel – drums
Niv Taor - trumpet
Kobi Salomon – tenor saxophone
Hagai Amir – alto saxophone
Assaf Hakimi – contrabass
Shay Maoz – piano

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Meir Ben Michael

Adi Rennert hosts Barry Sacharoff, Rona Kenan, MikaKarni, Liora Yitzhak and other musicians…. Pa'amon" (Bell)

Friday, 5.2.2010
Admission Free

The guitarist Meir Ben Michael, with a combo of leading Israeli jazz musicians presents a performance of hard-bop jazz arrangements of Israeli classics, along with some of his own originals. The materials are soon to be launched in Ben Michael's new disc "Le'olam (Forever)".

Meir Ben Michael – guitar and vocals
Rami Schuler – Vibraphone and percussion
Nahum Perperkovitz – piano
Eli Magen – contrabass and vocals
Roni Holn - drums

Tickets available at:
Cinematheque Tel Aviv
Rechov Sprinzak 2, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-6060800
Internet: "www.cinema.co.il

Discounts for Tel Aviv-Jaffa residents, Tel Aviv Maximum cardholders, and Cinematheque subscribers, available on presentation of the appropriate card; good for advance sales only.

Official web site: "www.jazzfest.co.il