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Music is your own experience, your wisdom, your thoughts... If you do not live on it, there is nothing to go out of your instrument.
We are taught that music has its own deadlines - but there are no deadlines for the Art.
(Charlie Parker)
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Israeli Jazz News February 2010

Well, it's a new year, and there's a lot of good jazz out there as always I'm here with a few pointers for you.
In Tel-Aviv, the Shablul Jazz club offers a few interesting choices, starting with Chuck Israels Trio, 1.2.10, 20:30, if you recall I discussed Chuck in my first review, Bill Evans' legendary double-bass player, who has also worked with many other great artists.
Chuck's show will be followed (22:30) by the Shablul Jam session, so bring your instruments with you!
Blues whalers will more likely enjoy the Mark Rashkow Blue Band, directly from Chicago, IL; Mark now performs with an all Israeli line up! 4.2.10, 22:00.
Also, The International Quartet, with Italian pianist, Tony Pancella (whom I've also mentioned in past reviews) is playing 6.2.10, 20:30.
For tickets, details and the rest of the gig listings, see:

For festival goers, the Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival returns, February 3rd-5th, it will be held in the Cinematec, and will feature many domestic and international artists and groups. For more info and tickets, Click here.

Renowned Jazz singer, Vanessa Rubin, will be coming to Israel, and will play several gigs, 8th-13th of February, in Tel-Aviv, Herzliya, Haifa, Jerusalem and Ganey Tikva, for more info contact 03-5733001 it'll be well worth your time to catch one of her shows!

Back to Tel-Aviv, if you're into that kind of thing the Balkan Beat Box are playing Hanger 11, 03/04.02.10, 22:00.

Their music is, while not my cup of tea, an admittedly interesting fusion of cultures and styles, from jazz, to Balkan music, as their name implies.

Other shows of note include the Groovatron (05/06, 12, 23 & 26.02), Lastly, for those of you who've been reading my column and might want to "see me in action", I'll be performing at a jazz night in Aviel, in Jacob's Larder Restaurant, Feb 28th, 2010, 22:00.

Jazzy.co.il will be modified so that jazz artists can now update their own shows on the site so feel free to check it out!

If you'd like further recommendations, Google makes for an excellent tour guide, and I will be happy to answer specific inquiries via E-Mail.

Until next time,
Omri Lahav.

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